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    I am a rather eclectic mix of Irish, German, Scottish, African, Texan and Hillbilly currently living in the Philippines. While I already work with people who studied under Bill Mollison, I am most interested in the work by Geoff Lawton regarding the Food Forests and building larger, more comprehensive food forests at the local and national level. We currently have a major project under development for the Nation of Guinea in West Africa and proposals in negotiations for additional projects here in the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica and a couple of other locations wherein the negotiations are a bit more sensitive in nature. We hope to establish full educational institutions inside of Community Developments established as parts of larger projects for both humanitarian and environmental endeavors. Our approach is a complex system in nature, seeking environmental, economic, social and systemic sustainability. I look forward to meeting other like-minded people here and comparing notes and hopefully, finding competent and capable people to poke my proposals full of holes so I can find the weakspots and examine any areas I may have missed over the course of the last twenty years.

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