Lost diploma

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    I did a permaculture course in Canberra, 13 years ago, but I lost my diploma somewhere in my travels. Can I get it replaced?[/b]
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    Would have thought that if you had lost your Diploma or Certificate of Permaculture Design then you could contact the Permaculture Institute (https://www.tagari.com) and have either replaced as your name should be on a register.


    Darren J. Doherty
  3. michael

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    Lost diploma

    Hi Darren
    Yeah, you would have thought that I would have contacted someone by now.
    But for the last 13 years I have spent very little time in Oz, and having a diploma seemed the least of my problems.
    If I had been in Oz I probably would, but I've been in the US, Canada, England, Scotland and China spreading the word of Permaculture, by doing it and inspiring others. My greatest achievement being project manager for the Trees for Life, field base in Scotland.
    I believe with all my heart that time has now run out to make a difference, especially after living in China for a year. That is the only country which will make a difference. Funny enough I saw more electric bikes and solar water heaters there, at least 10 times as many, as I have in any suburb in Oz.
    Sorry, I don't want to appear negative, :( but for me, it is a fact.
    Thanks for the info, we have to believe with all our hearts we will survive.
    Michael :wink:

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