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    I'm going into early retirement for Medical reasons, but I am physically fit. I have a couple $100k to invest from my super and a dream of self-sufficient farming, raising chooks and goats. I would love to use this to share costs for greater efficiency with other independent souls who have the core principles of mutual respect, reciprocal support, and personal responsibility. Ideologues and parasites begone.

    Reliability and trust is a must. I am more than happy to share the bounty of my input with others without expecting favours, but it is vital that people must be the right fit. Dependable, accountable, sincere types who want to implement Permaculture principles as self-reliant and off-grid as possible only please. I'm a novice at this, so experience is preferable. I'm looking at coastal hinterlands/dividing range north of the NSW Hunter region, preferably near(ish) a regional centre.

    I'd be needing 20+ acres of good green rolling land for my own use, as far below $200k as possible. Can you help me fulfill my dream to be playing my saxophone on a hillside surrounded by goats?
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