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    Hello Folks,

    I am posting a vacancy (volunteer position) for farm manager on an unique Food Forest project in Panama. Please write me if you have any questions.


    About Bastimentos Food Forest:
    Bastimentos Food Forest is a 60-acre botanical collection of rare and valuable trees and plants for human purposes. The project is located on a Caribbean island off the Atlantic coast of Panama, in the Bocas del Toro region. All of the Food Forest has been planted as a complex agroforestry system and is designed according permaculture principles.

    The farm has a nursery to distribute and continue planting the collection of fruit trees, palms and plants. We currently sell some of the fruits locally and we do a farmer’s market every other week. We offer tours for educational purposes.

    The living situation is in the midst of the Food Forest / jungle, fully off-the-grid. We live with a small group of two long-term volunteers (of which the farm manager is one) and the owner who is present half of the time. There also is one paid local worker permanently present. We occasionally provide eco-lodging for interested visitors and offer paid opportunities for short-term volunteers.

    More information: https://www.bastimentosfoodforest.com

    About the Farm Manager role
    As the farm manager you are responsible for the daily operations of the whole project. This includes harvesting, food processing, maintenance of the infrastructure and buildings, communication and coordinating the activities of other people on the farm. You are the so-called spoke’s person of Bastimentos Food Forest, which includes maintaining a lot of local connections and eventually being able to offer tours as well.

    As the first person responsible when the owner is not here, you also have the freedom to initiate your own projects and pursue your own focus within the Food Forest project.

    Required skills

    • Proficient in Spanish and English
    • Experience with permaculture and/or agroforestry
    • Wood carpentry skills for repairs and basic construction
    • Physically able to climb high trees and carry heavy loads
    • Able to work independently

    Recommended skills

    • Good social skills
    • Management and organizational skills
    • Technical knowledge for maintaining solar and water system
    • Entrepreneurial mindset to extend the economic activities

    What do you get out of it (compensation)?
    Working on the Bastimentos Food Forest is a demanding and yet very rewarding job. It is a unique project of its kind, in which a lot of expertise on permaculture and tropical agroforestry has been put in over time. The project exists since 13 years, which means a pretty mature food forest in which many of the fruit trees have started to produce. Above all, your learning experience will be the greatest thing you will get out of your time here. People having worked here before, have ended up in a variety of related landscaping and agroforestry jobs with the expertise they build up.

    You get to enjoy a lifestyle that is fully self-sustainable, emerged into the jungle with great quality home-grown food. The farm manager gets to stay in his/her own private cabin with a twin bed.

    You have to accommodate for additional costs yourself, such as your travels and food that is not from the farm. As the farm manager you get the opportunity to earn money from the farm activities, after costs for running the farm are covered. Here is a lot of room for personal creativity and entrepreneurship to create a sustainable business model for the farm.

    We are also open to fill this position by a couple.


    We expect a minimum 6 months commitment.
    It would be ideal if you can start in August.
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    Hola Ardjan,

    We are a sustainability education center in Mexico looking for someone with similar skillets for short term care taking (august/september) or long term involvement here. Please post or contact me offline (ranchosolymar(at)gmail.com) if you have any past volunteers, or any current applicants that you not taking on, who have tropical growing experience and are looking to caretake temporarily, or plant roots more permanently. You can find our project at: www (dot) ranchosolymar (dot com). We can also talk about sending each other vetted volunteers traveling in either yours or our direction in future.

    Kind Saludos,


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