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    Hi my names Kenny,

    Im looking for someone to study with. If your like me you probably like permaculture but can find it hard to find the motivation to study it. I have been interested in permaculture for sometime and I myself want to someday become a permaculture certified teacher and teach people to grow their own food... So im looking for someone to study permaculture with like different concepts. Biodynamics, different teachers different methods, and so forth.

    Right now im really into masanobu fukuoka and his no till agriculture really interesting stuff. So if you are interested please contact me!! haha Just waiting to have someone to study with. Most likely will be doing it over skype or google plus works also. If you dont have any of those we can always do it over the phone. So contact me if you are interested.

    My skype name is kenpg67.

    All the best,


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