Looking for people for voluntary service year in a forest garden

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    We are currently looking for a person, who would like to do a Bundesfreiwilligendienst (BFD) at our forest garden in Verden.
    You should be 27 years or older. The duration of the volunteering job would be optionally one or one and a half years.

    A BFD is also possible for people without a German passport. You need to have financial resources in this case, since you can‘t receive additional support by the state and unfortunately, the pocket money paid for the BFD is not enough to make a living. We do think, this regulation is unfair but we can‘t change it.

    Some information about the project and how we work:
    Since already 20 years, on our area of seven hectares, slowly but steady a big forest garden is developing – together with a huge number of different usable and edible kinds of trees and shrubs, as well as different vegetables. Drawing on ideas from permaculture and various old and new methods of gardening, we try to figure out, how self sufficiency can work, without having to resort to the common machines, fertilizers, fossil fuels traditionally used in agriculture, and without using methods, which are actually detrimental for the soil. Our aim is not to produce crops for selling (which we don‘t do since our project is not a commercial one).
    We mainly want to gain experiences and to experiment. We test, which plants thrive under the present climactical conditions – and how they taste! Because of ethical reasons, we don‘t keep livestock.
    We work in a team, which means that we usually plan together, what is going to happen on the area, we work on the same things, we talk about our ways of working – and this way, we can learn much from one another. We also mutually agree on our individual working hours.

    We are a profeminist and queerfriendly place, we want to be open and in a learning progress.
    Our work is splitted between activities in the garden and office work. Approximately, half of the time, we spend in front of the computer. Besides exciting activities like analysing the experiments and doing research, there are also a lot of reproductive tasks in the areas of club administration, funding, and public relations work, which appear to some as boring and meaningless.

    We expect from our team members:

    - self-reliant and reflected behaviour
    - the ability to work in a team and to deal with conflict
    - prior experiences in gardening
    - an interest in scientific work

    Further info about the BFD in general:

    - https://www.bundesfreiwilligendienst.de/
    - https://www.bund.net/mitmachen/bundesfreiwilligendienst/

    Please apply first with a letter of motivation and a CV (via email). Afterwards, a visit (also during Corona times) with at least 2 and ideally 5 night stays is obligatory, so that we further get to know one another and you receive an impression of the garden and the work that we do.

    *****Kind regards from the forest garden.


    [email protected]

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