LOOKING FOR A ROAD EXPERT for a project in Ecuador

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    A team formed by various grassroots organizations is looking for an expert in road design and construction.

    The goal is to retrofit an existing road of 20 kilometers serving several isolated communities in Ayampe river valley, in the coast of Ecuador, South America. It is a dirt road around 5 meters wide, aimed mainly for cars. Ayampe valley is pretty dry or misty for most of the year, but during the rainy season the road gets destroyed and transportation becomes impossible. People die in the little communities just because they cannot get to a doctor, attending schools becomes impossible, and produce rots in place.

    The communities involved are ancestral, Ayampe being very rich in archaeological vestiges. The people are very smart and hard workers. They have formed a grassroots NGO called Futuro Mejor (Better Future) and have joined with regional organization Espacio Libre (Free Space),
    Seed Savers' Network of Ecuador, and Community Minded Organizations of Spokane (USA) to develop a true sustainable process.

    The idea is to work on the sides of the road, using keyline, swales and related techniques to protect it during rainy seasons. In adition to that, a pedestrian and horse road will be constructed at one side of the car road, to protect people and animals from motorized transportation. This pedestrian road will be planted with shade - providing trees, incluiding local fruits. The vision is to have a network of roads providing access to all
    communities, a good bus system, direction signals, etc.

    This system will also be the backbone of a true community directed eco turism system for the whole valley, allowing visitors to pass the night in a family held cabin, then walking to similar cabins or hotels in different parts of the valley. There's a lot to be done in Ayampe, including birdwatching and other nature oriented activities, sharing with the community, etc.

    The road is also part of a production developement of the region. To create a true sustainable process, various small enterprises are being planned by the communities, including food processing, handicrafts and others.If you are interested, or would like to contribute with any ideas or contacts, please write to:

    Laureano Aguirre
    FundaciĆ³n Espacio Libre
    [email protected]

    Javier Carrera
    Red de Guardianes de Semillas del Ecuador
    [email protected]

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