Last night at Noosa Permaculture meeting

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    Jerry Coleby - Williams was the guest speaker. My word it was good....

    'Twas only my second meeting. I took my Mum with me and we are both impressed by the quality of the type of person that goes to a Permie gathering. Everyone was very respectful and enthusiastic, and when it came time to pack up a large number of people chipped in rather then everyone expecting someone else to do it.

    I left with new seedlings of cassava, purple sweet potato and garlic chives. Mum was poking fun at my cassava saying that you'd have to be starving to want to eat it - until Jerry spoke about it being a staple starch plant in his garden. If it's good enough for him....

    If there are any Sunny Coast lurkers who have been wondering whether it is worth dragging themselves away from the telly to go to Cooroy for the meetings - do it - you won't regret it.

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