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    Hi, I am working as agronomist for first large scale certified organic hemp farms California. We are in Ventura co southern california and people farm like the dustbowl never happened out here. I am in a unique position to change some of the farming principles and apply things I have learned in permaculture. I am however taken back when I think about applying something on 50 acres let alone 500. I have developed food forest and homesteads and know permaculture but this is not your average agriculture. No one really cover crops cause of the 'value' of the land. They crop perpetually with very little rotation. We can bring in compost but it is not always cost effective or practical. We have a compostyard and i am hoping to apply some biodynamic composting principles and make our own compost but again some of these plots are hundreds of acres of hemp. It is beautiful but still a sitting duck when considering that we have few organic pest control options out here. I am using beneficials and rely on plant health to protect us. I am getting the plants what they need via fertigation and some foliar application. I want to cost effectively (considering labor/price of ammendment/sourcing) enhance the soil life on a large scale and implement practices on small parts of lots that will prove their worth in saving money while enhancing the soil and expand them outward till that is how all the acres are farmed. I need help. What would you guys do if you were forced to make the best out a large scale monocropping scenario or even on a smaller scale that could be prove its worth to be bumped up. I have room to experiment but must proceed cautiously and wisely. Thank you

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