Landholders gravitate to carbon farming

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    The number of landholders investigating carbon sink opportunities with CO2 Australia, the largest provider in the sector, has increased by 681 per cent since the introduction of the Federal Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) in August 2011.
    CO2 Australia has more than 22 000 hectares of carbon sink plantings (equating to more than 33 million trees) under its management and is the largest and most experienced operator in the sector.

    ‘Over the last six months, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of farmers asking about establishing carbon sinks on their farms,’ says CO2’s Mark Ritchie.

    ‘A number of landowners are enquiring about registering existing tree plots for carbon credits for the CFI. However, in the vast majority of cases these plantings are ineligible for the federal government scheme.’

    Benefits of tree-based carbon sinks on farms can extend beyond income from carbon sequestration. Trees on farms can function as shelter for livestock, and may also reduce waterlogging, salinity and wind erosion. Trees can be planted in belts, allowing farming to occur between the tree rows.

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