Keen to start your own project -no land?

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    Keen to start your own project -need land ?

    You have done a lot of research, and are certain you can make a go of it .

    But you can not afford to buy some land.

    Perhaps we can work together .I am leasing some land at the moment near

    Seymour in Victoria.

    On site I have some shipping containers ,a complete off grid power system, a fairly well furnished caravan as an accommodation unit.There is 5 acres available for projects on this 30 ac farm

    Recently I have moved to a fifty acre farm across the road that I am converting to certified organic production.

    At the moment there is a 3 acre orchard there. The owners wish to plant a lot more oaks ,chestnuts etc.

    The plantings will be about 6 meters apart .There is a huge scope for a series of onsite integrated farming projects in between the rows.

    An onsite nursery to produce the required farm trees and extra plants for sale, egg production -the chickens would be grazed in the orchards, vegetables ,micro-greens, micro herbs are just some of the possibilities.

    Perhaps you own some sheep and you have some ideas for a project

    You might like to produce tomatoes or vanilla beans or some other exotic crops in plastic tunnels.

    We would like you to put in some of your own funds for your project just to keep you being interested in making it successful.

    I am suggesting a woof type arrangement initially. Another words I would provide basic accommodation until the project gets off the ground.

    We have access to almost unlimited water supplies from spring fed dams and water rights from nearby creek.

    Some of the projects I am working on are bees, mushrooms ,and on farm nursery .

    As a bonus you can learn- if you wanted to a series of wood and metalworking skills.

    You are welcome to propose your own projects
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    Nice! Would have loved to find this opportunity a few years back before I got settled here.
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    Hi foggy. How are you ? Your offer sounds great. i could be interested, and would like know a bit more, take the time to talk with you. maybe manage a visit for talk in personne :)
    may i contact you on messenger? facebook?
    wish you a good day !


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