Islam and Permaculture a Match Made in Heaven?

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    “Permaculture made total common sense to me. It also fitted with my life ethics a a Muslim,” says permaculture teacher Nadia Lawton in an interview on permaculture and Islam with the Green Prophet. She explains that her work with husband Geoff Lawton—whose video on a 2000-year-old food forest in Morocco took my breath away—is growing into much bigger things.

    Arid Desert Becomes Fertile Soil
    Having turned arid, slaty desert into fertile soil in Jordan (see also the Permaculture Research Institute's update on the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project), they are now focusing on opening a 1 hectare permaculture school farm and a 16 hectare farm permaculture college to further their work. She's convinced that permaculture could be a perfect antidote to the food crises facing the Middle East.

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