Is the salt and sand on seaweed an issue?

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    Re: Is the salt and sand on seaweed an issue?

    No there are four hundred trace elements in sea water.
    A little salt is OK
    In fact plants in the Brassica (cabbage etc) family seem to respond well to it.

    I have just collected a bag of weed from my local lake
    (I refuse to buy seaweed fertiliser -It is the same price as red wine!)
    The local Land-Care Group sometimes bags some up for the lazy.
    There is so much of it. It is chocking the lake.
    With Draconian Water restrictions it makes a great mulch.

    I am composting it at the moment as I find it hard on suburban plot to get enough organic matter to keep a compost pile going.

    I am also using a handful of it in the bottom of pots of mint.
    They love it!

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