Introduction to Permaculture in Guatemala

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    Join us on beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to learn Permaculture on a 9-year old working Permaculture farm!

    Through a balanced combination of hands-on practicals and inspiring presentations, participants begin to see the world through a new lens. Every day will bring new insights, as connections are revealed and appreciation is gained for the amazing symbiosis that is possible between humans and the natural world. Great for both beginners and experienced permaculturalists alike, this course covers 70% of a regular PDC at a fraction of the cost! We believe you'd be hard-pressed to find as in-depth and inspiring a course out there at this value.

    Through an balanced blend of practical work on the Atitlan Organics farm and interesting presentations and group discussions, participants gain a well-rounded and dynamic understanding of Permaculture. Over the course of the week we'll move from a big picture understanding of Permaculture, starting with the Permaculture Principles and Ethics, Permaculture Design Theory and Zones, and the Ecology of Permaculture, into a detailed approach of specific themes related to Permaculture. These include: Water Management and Storage; Efficient Capture and Use of Energy; Garden Bed Preparation and Care; Plant Propagation; Earthworks and working with Contour; Fertility, Soil Building and Compost; Food Forests and Wetlands; Animal Husbandry and Integrated Animal Systems; Social Permaculture, and MUCH MORE! On Friday, we'll take a field trip to the Meso-American Institute of Permaculture and the Kaq'chikel Maya village of Quixay√° to see more amazing examples of Permaculture in action. It's really an amazing, fun, inspiring, and beautiful day of travel throughout Lake Atitlan and the surrounding region, and one of the highlights of the course! As you can see, it's an "Introduction" in name only. You'll finish the week not only inspired to enact change, but empowered with the specific skills and techniques necessary to do so.

    We have 2 upcoming courses: January 13-19, 2019 and February 10-16, 2019
    Our all-inclusive tickets covers course facilitation, materials, field trips, lodging and food for the week and is just $575!

    For more info, go to
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