Intro to PC and Natural Building in India - January 9, 2010

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    Permaculture Introduction & Natural building workshop

    Dates: 9th of January – 22nd of February 2010

    Hosted by: BUDDHA SMILES

    Location: Garden of Peace school / Organic farm. Kurumbupalayam Village, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu (3 hours from Chennai).

    BUDDHA SMILES will be hosting the seventh Natural Building workshop at the Garden of Peace. This six week international camp will run from 9th January - 22nd February 2010 will be hosted at the Garden of Peace school / Farm near Vellore in Tamil Nadu, South India. During this period we will work with the local builders from India & teachers / natural builders from the U.S & Europe. We have learned from our experience that there is a tremendous potential for natural building in India given the socio-cultural and climatic reasons. BUDDHA SMILES provides an ideal environment for sharing the spirit of togetherness. The building theme (Teachers/Trainers Rooms) reflects the genuine needs of the Garden of Peace School. The build will support & encourage our campaign for a sustainable education program. The new rooms will provide accommodation for teachers/trainers/students to stay for a longer duration. 7 day Introduction to Permaculture course

    To complement the Natural Building we will start with a week long "Introduction to Permaculture" course consisting of daily lectures, hands-on activities and field trips. We aim to educate, inspire and share ideas about sustainable living in the tropics, whilst benefiting the site and students of the school. This course will be co-taught by Christian Shearer from the Panya Project ( a Permaculture site/Education centre in Northern Thailand). Matt Prosser & Kate Chahal. Permaculture is a design system to create regenerative, sustainable systems. It will complement the natural building activities and further help to promote the holistic development of the community.

    Natural Building Hands-on

    Learn, share and celebrate the joy of working through hands-on building practice, demonstrations and classes in the following: Appropriate tropical design, Model making, Adobe, Cob, Mixing techniques, Foundation work, Arch’s, Window and door frame installation, Natural plasters, Thatch roof.

    Children’s play areas

    We would like to develop some play areas at the school. This part of the program will be led by Gabrielle & Anjan experienced play ground designers & builders. We are inspired & excited to add this to the program. Other


    We are offering a holistic program which will include the option to join in yoga, chi gung & meditation sessions at least 3 times per week. We will be showing documentaries on related issues. Also there will be people coming in & giving talks on a range of subjects & story telling. There will be cultural activities consisting of dance & music reflecting the local traditions, night walks, Visits to important historical, religious, environmental & spiritual sites near Vellore/Chennai/Pondicherry.

    Course Contributions

    1,000 – 1,200 US $ (on a sliding scale) for international participants.

    For Indians Rs.12,000 (INR) for individuals and Rs. 15,000 (INR) for institutional registration for the six-week programme.

    Your contribution will help provide food, tents, materials, travel and honorarium for the instructors. A part of this contribution will also help the Garden of Peace School at the village. Fee concession and scholarships are available on request.


    Contact the organiser: Ramu Manivannan Chairperson - BUDDHA SMILES Spirit in Life Movement 4 A, First West Main Road, Anna Nagar, Vellore – 632 001 Tamil Nadu, India.

    E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

    Visit us @

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