Internship for (inter)national Students at Permaculture – and Forest Garden in Austria

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    We, the Permaculture Center – Österreichisches Waldgarten-Institut (Austrian Forest Garden Institute) have one of the oldest edible forest gardens in Central Europe and cultivate a vegetable garden according to the principles of permaculture. For the year 2024 (March to October) we are offering 2 internship places for our permaculture and forest garden of 40 hours per week.

    If you: – like to work in the fresh air and can also get hands on, physical fitness is important (work with handheld devices)
    – have a good knowledge of plants and would like to expand them
    – can deal with people and plants
    – are enthusiastic about permaculture and forest gardening
    – you are interested in gardening crafts and knowledge
    – Are interested in organic cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage and sustainable projects
    – enjoy working in a team and independently, contribute your ideas and can implement your own ideas
    – have good communication and reflection skills
    – are looking for an exciting and varied field of work
    – want to be part of a sustainable soil cultivation


    Financial Compensation: via Erasmus+
    How it works: check out at ErasmusIntern
    Visa: You have to arrange your Visa with the Sending Organisation (your University)
    Austrian Residentials: You can also apply for your Internship as an Austrian Residential if you are studying at a foreign University.

    Get in touch with us ...

    Österreichisches Waldgarten-Institut (Austrian Forestgarden-Institute)
    Stadlhof 47, 4600 Wels - Austria

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