India: put the eco in eco-resort

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    Great opportunity to implement all your permaculture ideas/concepts in one spot... we are open to all ideas!

    I'm moved from Australia to India to set up an activity-packed, backpacker resort in Kerala but am having trouble finding architects who really understand permaculture and related principles. So while we are building with bamboo, coconut etc its not really eco yet.

    Amongst other things, I need help constructing a natural pool as in ... mming.html. Also need to start with the landscaping and vermicompost etc.

    While I prefer someone in India esp because of need to study soil and weather conditions at site, if you can help me from overseas... (yay! da internet) we can figure out payment.

    If you are in India or know someone please let me know. I will pay reasonable charges, food, accomodation, access to sporting equipment and promise you a really good time (incl on my houseboat). See my profile on (search for Manu Sood in Kerala) and you can get basic info about the resort on All my contact details are there. It opens in June 2007.

    Thank you!! :)

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