i come to talk story, welcomes you to come share living local, in solidarity, globally.

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    We work for the earth/space, a US non profit.
    Port Townsend, WA
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    Pacific northwest..
    Thank you for the great work in progress at Pemba Island!

    Do you own land on the island or working w/Government?

    Please answer a few thoughts. I see self improving crops in Zambia, as velvet beans + hemp are being promoted, have you considered or do you already do? I'm sure the permaculture teachers here that are so well informed, must know the best bio chemistry in what species conducive to what soil? But industrial hemp jumps at me right away when i read your work for Pemba.

    Also locally my daughter has been involved w/permaculture + i've been a net worker perfecting our project, `i come to talk story, where we have a simple spreadsheet w/links. + yes Permaculture, as w/Jenny Pell's work + Wendy Brieby, i know is very good here in states + elsewhere.

    But also Prof Miguel Altieri w/his curriculum he creates working w/indigenous, writes agroecology curriculum. So between the 2, humanity offers much especially for this location.

    If you where in northern hemisphere more then you would have to consider the Nuclear radiation contamination circling the earth + have to factor that in.

    Our plan fuels local `plans + we feel if we can do simple basics for comfort in one community it can fuel every local community. Leaving no one left behind.

    So we want you to come link on our spreadsheet + we want to reach out to every community.

    We feel the Amazonian's have great lessons as they once worked all their biome(s) sensitively + skillfully, requiring organic exchanges to create the black preta soil. When yet many people thought Amazon had black soil + yet not.

    So it is wrong for the bush governing bodies to isolate people from wildlife, for as you people have added, all can harmonize together. + Is required. They too shall discover their wrong dongs + many already have.

    Ok so back to us as net workers, we are a US 501.c3 nonprofit packaging our virtual platform so we share links, leaving no one left behind, ending the Nuclear use (accept for medical that uses recyclable no half life materials) along with ending the war mode, false green toxic, economies. Check out our spreadsheet w/some good overviews + updates from Arnie Gundersen, Dr. Helen Caldicott + Dr. Tim Mousse.

    For we support only localized systems w/low impact, so locals maintain local plan w/organic exchanges. As the local `plan retains controlling interest as a rule of law. That means students working w/community can network + share schematics for reality investments on the table, turning World Markets into ethical ecological ones.

    Welcoming space for ER issues w/neighbors now no one needs false aid from afar. + UN needs to change policy for refugee so all supports each to become aware + know one's local `plan. Supporting all to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant, ending that old programming. So if share story, people can restore one's own local `plan, as all hold self + others accountable locally + afar.

    Peace is an option if we share what works.

    We yet to fund raise so limited w/tools/budget, so excuse our errors + help when can. We welcome support. Googles has given us an Adgrant + yes just today working at technical errors but will go figure, they good to help us move along + reach out. Soon to hit 9 million ads globally, sharing this type of message for every community to go figure + working for more.

    As students use one's community as an extended classroom, focus directing w/communities + skilled as yourself + those needed, teleconferenced, or Google Hangout + Drive tools freely. As many students are now using them. Or share freely how easy to build a free site + link.

    We also are trying to sell our boat + reach out, learn + network. see our sailboat if interested in Charleston, OR, a coastal cruiser nice if cherry out, a wood traditional design;


    I asked a Diver of Pemba, but he was not aware of any one building a boat accept for locals. We want to find a local that can see gain in building a sailing scowl. Along side us, sharing tools, awareness w/a fairly simple plan, good location knowing we can have a local pick up our lumber + supplies, or do you get ships delivering on Pemba?

    Cost would be more efficient to do on a calm beach 50' by 50' for each boat plenty in safe place for small storage. then when finished roll into ocean on logs.It is a shallow boat w/center bd or lee bds. + can have a fish or cargo hold + living space w/Chinese junk was out plan.

    We do not want to interfere in locals ability to self direct/develop good business. We would do a bit just to maintain our ability to reach out w/our networking + maintenance, if we cannot get grant or donations to support us.

    We build a few other types of boats. Actually a 42' Wharram catamaran + circumnavigated Pacific Ocean, where our project started when i got sick hearing of the Rwandan War without help on shortwave when crossing ocean. Then came back when family ill to help.

    So our plan to Africa never came about. So now once we sell we would like to find a space + the sailing scowl is best to be a coastal cruiser. Sure you could build to cross oceans, but your area i see can be very tricky if not very good w/weather + knowing local reality.

    We at this time once sell would come + fine tune if interested party(s) could do more?? + Thinking we would explore maybe a 600 mile area on E Africa, along w/networking on land if safely can leave boat somewhere + would love to learn from bush people knowing trans boundary migration to fuel local communities to be restored into ecological sustainable working communities where locals exchange w/locals, working w/neighbors, not having to ship afar + interfere in another's ability to self sustain, but harmonize what can be best shared for the earth + beyond to be shared in peace.

    So please let us know if know of one, + yes i have to define as US citizens if we can do such a thing + comply w/visas. + If when have to leave can boat stay to finish? So we appreciate do_in an exchange to help all.

    Your support would be appreciated.
    Thank you, kara

    Thank you for your patience!

    Google, non profit/Ed Apps, are helping us reach out via Adgrant.
    Thank you Google + Nabble!
    They both can offer much to you/your community freely.
    We welcome you to come reflect, comment where appropriate for you.
    Reflect + link on the sun will set spreadsheet,
    Help us perfect + share what works for you + your students.
    To live local as you use your community as an extended classroom.

    Please take part + donate in ways most comfortable to you.
    Let our plan fuel your `enhanced local `plan..

    Let us share Prof Miguel Altieri's definition of `enhanced.
    This fuels our network, as a good place for all
    to start sharing in the living local process, globally in solidarity;

    `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources...
    `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability..
    `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure
    food security and the sustainable..
    As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field
    thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

    We are seeking donations/grant as a US 501.c3 non profit,
    so please share us along your walkabout..

    i come to talk story
    Thanks you for your participation!
    Peace, kara, wendy + mishi

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