Housemate with a difference, Healesville, Victoria.

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    Hi there,
    I'm looking for a person/s to come and live with us in Healesville. Currently we have several projects on the go, 2 tiny houses, a large vegie garden, an orchard of some 40 odd fruit trees, chickens, goats and our resident dog. I'm looking for someone who has the desire to come and help transform these parts into a "working" permaculture garden. There is no expectation put upon you to achieve any results as such, nor would you be doing this on your own. We're a group that all work in jobs ranging from furniture maker, to carpenter, to working on an organic vineyard. Basically we want another housemate who comes with a passion for permaculture and needs somewhere to live an an outlet for that passion. You would have your own accomodation but would be expected to pay $80 ($100 for a couple) a week towards rent and bills.
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    Rain forest basin, presently though moving soon.

    I am curious to learn more.

    Here is also a bit about myself and my expertise, experience, skills, etc
    from an intro I wrote for jobs.

    A beautiful positively life inspiring day to you.

    I am interested in working together with you,
    I am diversified within my skills, expertise and experience,
    which are all integrated to create a very successful business
    and extremely happy, peaceful and satisfied customers.

    Please refer to my CV attached,
    professional and clientels letters of recommendations.
    You will enjoy seeing that I will provide you, the centre and your guests
    with the best and most professional and personable of services!

    I grew up since ealry childhood immersed in Permaculture and Organics.
    Our yard was almost entirely edible and medicinal when I was growing up.

    I am working profesionally within permaculture
    as well as on a personal level
    for over 30 years.

    A few examples...

    I have designed, implemented and grown small and large scale organic gardens, created food forests of sub/tropicals and other global selection of ethnobotanicals
    (over 6000 edibles, medicinals and a few utilitarian plants too).
    Ive grown all the plants myself within my own organic world plant nursery.
    I sold some of the excess plants and produce on line and in living person.

    I have also designed and integrated 180 acres of medicinal herb gardens
    into a pre-existing 380 acre farm, was one of my paid projects for others.

    Ive taught others how to wild forage,
    the identification of plants, preparations and uses
    Creating from wild crafted and domestically grown herbs
    saulves, tintures, etc.
    This included how to properly harvest, store and prepare
    for marketing to retail and whole sale businesses.

    As well as, creating my own lotions, salves, tinctures for myself
    and for sale, when I was managing the retail medicinal herbal department.

    I have assisted in creating a series of Earth bag dome construction homes.
    Previously and afterwards, assisting with straw bail, rammed earth
    and bamboo constructions.

    More recently,
    a year and a half ago when I left Thailand,
    I worked (giving freely) independently teaching
    and guiding people in the wilderness of Thailand,
    and continuing my natural health practice.

    I have worked as well in collaboration with other health professional
    and within others businesses, some of which I have managed.

    My focus is as a massage therapist,
    which I offer 12 different approaches,
    as a medicinal herbalist (and ethnobotanist)
    as a hypnotherapist (NLP),
    and as a counselor (Gestalt, Co-counseling and other approaches).

    I also teach and give workshops in multi approaches to meditation,
    chi gong, massage therapy, medicinal herbalism, ecstatic dance,
    personal boundaries,self discovery through self expression
    and other therapeutic approaches to healing and living life.

    I started meditation and yoga when I was 8.
    I added Tai Chi and Chi Gong at age 15.

    My web site is..

    Which integrates some of what I offer as a natural health professional,
    as well as, aspects as a wilderness skills instructor and guide.

    I have worked in a retreat and wilderness / scientic studies centre
    in South America. where I was the manager,
    I was responsible for being the receptionist-scheduling
    and welcoming guests from all around the world,
    preparing and coordinating accommodations.

    I was a nature guide and skills instructor,
    indigenous living skills (survival skills to some),
    rock climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, wild crafting, navogation,
    shelter building, felting, plant id-prep n uses, mountaineering-in the past, etc
    teaching permaculture,
    managing the gardens, greenhouses and food forest,
    providing various therapies,
    assisting with house keeping, maintenance,
    supervising the volunteers and directing their activities,
    and as a vegan chef
    and more at a wilderness retreat centre in the wilderness.

    Additionally, I have co-owned and operated
    a successful Wilderness Skills and Guiding company,
    along with my long time friend, Ryan Heasely.

    Ryan is extremely happy to speak with you,
    as excellent professional references for me.
    He is also, a Naturopath.

    I have been a wilderness skills instructor and guide professionally
    for over 20 years in Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Australia, Thailand n in the u.s.,
    besides an extensive history of personal wilderness experiences around the globe.

    I have professionally taught and guided people in
    indigenous living skills (survival skills to some),
    rock climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, wild crafting, navigation,
    shelter building, felting, plant id-prep n uses, mountaineering-in the past,
    re/learning the silent and sounded languages of nature
    and much much more.

    My first language is English
    with my second being, Spanish.

    I am naturally confident and comfortable with myself.

    I create an extremely personable n incredible memorable experience
    for those participating in my sessions, classes, workshops, etc.

    I welcome your correspondence
    and the potential of having a highly successful work relationship together.

    Jann Versch

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