" Hot Path " - A little song about Climate Change.......just need to write the music

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    A little song about climate change... Hot Path by Lumbuck Thornton (pen name)
    (Lyrics and first chorus actions representative of bare feet on hot concrete)

    1. You might remember,
    From your childhood.
    The grass between your toes,
    It’s where you stood.

    1. Step on a hot path,
    You scorch your feet,
    You learn a lesson that,
    You don’t repeat.

    Chorus: A.

    And you say,
    Ew, Ee, Ew, Ar (lifting feet!)
    (x4 syncopated Bb, D, G, Bb)

    1. Slow motion,
    Our little planet’s,
    Got the “hots” you see.

    1. And it’s the likes,
    Of you and me,
    Setting lots of,
    Greenhouse gases free!

    Chorus: B. (variation)

    Hot water, driving a car.
    Air conditioner, flying so far.
    House heating, refrigerator.
    Industry & Agriculture.

    Chorus: C. (extension)

    And we say, (with pleasure)
    Ew, Ee, Ew, Ar. (x4)

    1. Decision maker’s,
    Questions pile up,
    1. Find the right question,
    Then wait and see,
    And the answer it will,
    Usually be.

    Chorus: D.

    Ew, Ee, Ew, Ar. (x4)
    ( holding chin with uncertainty and with rapidly changing lack of eye contact)

    1. Rising prices
    And refugees.
    Big bush-fires,
    More frequently.

    1. Floods appear
    Where deserts should be.
    We’re losing species,

    Chorus: E. (monkey around)
    And they say
    Ew, Ee, Ew, Ar. (x4)

    1. Slow motion,
    Not responding,
    To the “stats” they see.

    1. End up bringing,
    In the military.
    No one wins,
    If we all cook thoroughly!

    Chorus: F. (Pretend to bite off each finger on a hand and chew for 4 beats)
    Ew, Ee, Ew, Ar. (x4)

    1. Slow motion,
    Our little planets,
    Got the “hots” you see.

    1. Comes back to likes,
    Of you and me.
    Now rollback Greenhouse,
    And be free.

    Chorus G:
    And we say, Ew, Ee, Ew, Ar.
    (x4 or more - happily!)
    (Plus a few monkeys !)

    Comments and collaboration welcome...

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