Horticultural Project Leader required in Namibia

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    OzQuest is running an expedition for young Australians (18-30) this year in Namibia. One of our key projects is to develop a small market garden to supply fresh fruit and / or vegetables to the local lodge, and reduce the need to import and transport these goods from South Africa. The garden will be run locally under the management of the lodge, with its produce sold at the same price as the fully transported price of imported food, and profits provided for charitable purposes.

    The area we are working in is a desert region, near a place called Sossusvlei that has some of the tallest sand dunes in the world. The lodge has a grey-water system that will provide up several thousand litres per day to the garden, and up to 4 lodges can provide compost on an ongoing basis to assist with the creation of appropriate soil. We currently envisage the garden to be about 2000 square metres all up, but this is negotiable.


    We are looking for a volunteer project leader, suitably trained and experienced in horticultural / agricultural techniques, who can make this project a success. They will be a self-starter, mature, hardworking, have great attention to detail and leadership potential.

    They will be required to:

    * Travel to Namibia in Oct/Nov this year, and stay until Mid Jan 2007 (2-3 months of work). We will pay for flights and accommodation / food in-country.
    * Specify the appropriate kind of buildings (greenhouses) that may be required, and the outline of what they must do. Specify the appropriate regime of development for the garden. Plan for materials and equipment.
    * Contribute to the development of a business plan for the garden
    * Begin the project and prepare the site
    * Supervise groups of 10-15 young people over a period of 8 weeks in the development of the garden
    * Possibly supervise local building staff
    * Train local staff in the ongoing maintenance of the garden, and provide appropriate documentation

    The aim being to leave a functioning, planted, irrigated garden behind. If the project is successful, there is a demand for its expansion and the creation of more and similar gardens in other locations throughout the country.

    For more information about OzQuest in general, see our website: https://www.ozquest.org. For more information about the Namibia expedition, have a look at the appropriate discussion forum.

    Interested suitable applicants should send a letter and their CV to me; Bruce Poon at [email protected] or 4/15 Exploration Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000. If you wish me to provide further information, I can be contacted on (03) 9663 7773.

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