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    greetings from israel.
    I feel like i am the most controvesial person on the block,
    being both food technologist and permaculturist.
    i am the food industry and the alternative.
    I believe people should eat healthy,fresh food straight from the garden,
    but if they don't eat fresh, then it preffered to be industrial,
    because homemade not-fresh food is dangerous.
    as you can understand i don't see the world coloured in black and white.
    I spent my childhood days saving animals(who probably didn't need my saving), like a lost kittens,birds, lizards,cameleons,etc.
    my mom would go nuts. My childhood hero was jerald durrel, i had his books and i wanted to go around the world saving wild animals.
    I grew up reading the israeli version of national geographic, and when i finished my service I wanted to manifest that dream.
    something happened there, someone told me a life-changer sentence, it was "animal don't need my help, they need my absence",he was totally right.
    for example i went to a small river basin in israel this year, it was beautiful,all kinds of water birds fishing and nesting, and i just could stare at them, i so wanted to join, to be a part of that, but i can only be a watcher. if i would try to find my way in ,the birds will fly away and the moment will be gone.
    i was confused.
    somehow i ended up voluntering in an amazing permaculture project, which gave me an answer.
    yes, i am part of the man tribe, and i can contribute to that river basin and be part of that illusive concept of nature, our role is being the administrator,
    the organizer...the permaculturist. what a huge resposibility, our job to manifest a river basin so birds could fly over, instead of flying away.
    after my journey ended and i learned so much, but didn;t know what to do with all that, and had to find a way to make it part of reality, instead of part of a journey(which in some ways is a time-out of reality). i went to college and came back to the family business in the food industry, this time as a technolgist. my permaculturist side was dormant,waiting for the right time to rise. and it happened, we purchased our lot, i observed it all season, and start implementing.
    now here i am.
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    Hello Dekel and welcome,
    Sorry for the delay in replying ... somehow I missed your initial post (it's late summer here and my projects are overwhelming me!)

    Couldn't agree more. Whenever I leave my property for more than one day, all the wildlife moves in right next to the house!

    Do you have photos of your lot so we can observe your progress??

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