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    Alkimos Beach, WA
    Coastal, temperate. 1.5km from beach.

    I live in a coastal suburb north of Perth named Alkimos. We're currently building a home around 1.5km from the coast. The home faces west and is positioned on an elevated block retained by limestone rocks. The block is about 504sqm in total, and we're building on around 40% of the block, with the plan to devote the remaining land to outdoor living and gardening using permaculture principles.

    We currently rent in the area and find that most of our plants do extremely well in pots. We haven't put much in the ground, but the area we're building in is landscaped with plants that are native to the area, and they absolutely thrive. That said, to plant out fruit trees and grow veges, a lot of work will be needed to improve the soil (which is basically sand). Our main challenges / goals will be:
    • Improving the soil structure.
    • Planting into a sloping rockery, to stabilise the region and re-vegetate it with local natives.
    • Locating trees that cope well in windy conditions, that can be grown for shade on the west and north sides of the home.
    • Establishing fruit trees in sheltered zones of the property.
    • Establishing wicking vege beds in sheltered regions, built from building scraps.
    • Landscaping areas down the side and behind the house with natives. Bee hive on roof??
    • Learning how to pave paths with recycled materials.
    • Installing a water tank, worm farm and small pond/water garden in a shaded region on the south side of the house.
    • Building a pizza oven and outdoor cooking area.
    • Building a lean-to greenhouse on the north-facing wall.
    • Incorporating a chicken coop, or aviary, in a relatively small backyard.
    We've never grown coastal natives before, and I'm particularly intrigued by edibles such as pigface and warrigal greens.

    In the past, we lived in the Perth hills and established thriving vege gardens while keeping chooks. The manure was invaluable and we can see that this will be an essential component of our new garden, but on a small block we're not entirely sure where/how we'll squeeze in a coop.

    Any or all ideas about growing fruit and veges in coastal conditions, keeping chooks on small blocks, and small-scale permaculture tips and tricks would be warmly welcomed!!

    Looking forward to reading everything on here and learning from you all!

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    E Washington, USA
    Semi-Arid Shrub Steppe (BsK)
    Welcome Ash,
    Sounds like you've found yourself a great place! And you've got quite a list of good projects, which will be your first priority?

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