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    We've been watching the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) get more & more expensive here in Australia whilst in other markets you can get the same course for much less. In Europe its not unusual for PDC's to be €600-700 or less & so we thought with things getting tighter here in Oceania we wanted to take the lead & offer a fair dinkum, day to a subject, fully-catered, 14 day PDC experience with one of the world's most experienced practitioners, HD's own Darren J. Doherty, for just AUD$990 (inc. GST).

    We're also going a step forward for PDC graduates. Back in the 1980's and 90's it was traditional to allow a limited number PDC graduates to attend another PDC's, typically under the proviso that they chipped in for food and contributed to the group and maybe even taught a session or two. This was to build experience and increase the capability of PDC graduates whilst also providing support to the new students. In short we're bringing back this tradition in our HD PDC, only the deal will be you just have to attend and pay half-price to cover our costs. Sor for just AUD$495 (inc. GST) you can do another full PDC with us...pretty cool huh! We can only take 10 of you so get in quick so you don't miss out!!

    Darren did his 1st PDC in 1993 for $700 and we wanted to offer a similar experience to that with camping-based accommodation and field-based practical & theory in a Permaculture-designed landscape with many examples all over the place. Every day this program will have you doing a practical exercise based around the subject of the day, all building realknowledge & experience, all because what you know you will not forget
    The HD PDC follows a day to a subject program based around Permaculture: A Designer's Manual (Mollison) in the following order:

    Day 1 – Introduction
    Day 2 – Concepts & Themes in Design
    Day 3 – Methods of Design
    Day 4 – Pattern Understanding
    Day 5 – Climatic Factors
    Day 6 – Trees & Their Energy Transactions
    Day 7 – Soils
    Day 8 – Water
    Day 9 – Earthworks & Earth Resources
    Day 10 – Aquaculture
    Day 11 - Strategies for An Alternative Nation
    Day 12 – Humid Tropics
    Day 13 – Drylands
    Day 14 – Cold Humid


    Monday 17th March - Monday 31st March, 2014 (Monday 24th March - day off)


    AUD$495 (inc. GST) - No discounts apply



    Darren J. Doherty: has delivered over 160 courses & seminars to more than 6000 people since 2001, including 39 PDC's (13 solo). Darren has also completed more than 1600 property development plans since 1993 in 45 countries and is widely recognised as a leader & pioneer in the Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture movements.


    Your participation in this PDC includes access to Lisa's ProBiotic Omnivorous Offerings include breakfast, morning/afternoon tea, lunch & dinner. These amazing locally sourced food & beverages are supplied Free of Charge for everyone attending this event and it is your choice to eat that which is provided.
    If you don't want to consume any of the locally sourced, processed and supplied food & beverages we have on offer then you will need to self-cater at your own expense.
    If you have strict dietary requirements then either bring some of your favourites or let us know ASAP otherwise your options will be limited. HD Breaks are generous to allow you plenty of time to catch up with old and new friends. You'll be contacted by email once you've made your booking and also close to the event giving any final instructions and information.


    'Dehesa Felix', Corner of Mills & Shanahans Rd, Eppalock, Victoria, Australia, 3551. 'Dehesa Felix' is the home base of HD and is a 25 acre (9ha) gently-undulating property owned by Lisa Heenan. Since 2006 this site has been under development as a working farm, applying a wide range of ecological design principles following HD's Regen10 process.


    We'll collect you from and drop you at the Bendigo Train Station, or you can choose any of the following options:



    Bendigo is Victoria’s third largest city & right in the centre of the state. As you’d expect in a thriving city of nearly 100,000 people, there are a multitude of accommodation options available. Bendigo Tourism is a great resource to see what’s available on-line. We use Wotif.com when we travel and you’d be surprised what deals you can get using this service.
    Otherwise for those who wanted to rough it we are you are welcome to camp at the PDC course venue.


    In keeping with HeenanDoherty policy, you are permitted to record anything and everything at this event. By attending this event you give permission for images/voice of yourself to be used by HeenanDoherty Pty. Ltd. unless otherwise arranged.

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