Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre

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    Welcome to Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre

    Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre serves as a focus and gathering place for people learning and working together for responsible stewardship of the earth.

    The EarthCare philosophy is based on the principle that the needs of current generations of Earth inhabitants should be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

    From its beginnings as an experimental organic growing project the Centre has developed into a broad-based sustainable living organisation. It promotes environmentally responsible land use, appropriate technologies for industry and human settlement and the development of healthy and self-reliant communities.
    Cooperative Partnership

    Over a decade an active partnership of four organisations has evolved:

    * Henry Doubleday Research Association, Inc. (HDRA) is concerned with organic growing
    * Dwelling Place, Inc. promotes sustainable building design
    * Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is the foremost national organisation for appropriate technologies
    * The University of Western Sydney, Richmond campus, provides institutional support and academic input.

    EarthCare Centre garden

    Herbs such as rosemary,
    basil, garlic chives and
    lavendar throughout the
    organic gardens help to
    maintain a natural,
    positive balance of
    insect life.

    The EarthCare Building

    The EarthCare building uses a variety of building materials and techniques to demonstrate sustainability options in domestic and commercial construction. There are walls of rammed earth, mudbrick and strawbale. The interior is finished in a combination of rendered mud and plasterboard with ceilings of straw panel. There is an underground tank for grey water and two composting toilets. The corrugated iron roof supports panels for a grid interactive solar power system. The kitchen benches are recycled timber slabs and recycled timber and other materials have been used wherever possible.

    As well as alternative building methods the EarthCare Centre demonstrates what people can achieve when they work together. The building project has been completed almost entirely by volunteer workers using materials donated by sponsors. Money for the building has also mainly been raised through voluntary fundraising efforts.
    Regular Events
    Tuesdays Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) Gardening Group
    Starts 10am
    ATA Monthly meeting - 1st Saturday of the month at 10am.
    Alternates between a site working-bee and ATA committee meeting, contact [email protected] for details.
    HDRA Monthly meeting - 3rd Monday of the month at 7.30pm

    Contact Us

    Postal Address:

    PO Box 442
    Richmond NSW 2753

    Committee Member Contacts:

    Eric Brocken
    Convenor, EarthCare Management Committee
    02 4567 8424 or 0438 731 712

    Email: infoATearthcare.org.au
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