Guadalupe Palm - Endangered in the Wild - Edible Fruit

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    I have imported some seed of this palm and have some surplus to my needs. If you would like to try your hand at growing this palm then email me. [email:1o9tr5p8][email protected][/email:1o9tr5p8]
    Brahea edulis (syn. Erythea edulis)
    Guadalupe palm
    Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico \ most likely it will become extinct in the wild because goats, introduced as a meat source by seal hunters in 1830, consume all seedlings \ large, slow-growing, hermaphrodite, solitary, fan palm (to 12m tall with a trunk diameter of 400mm) \ confined to dry scrub, desert-like conditions on rocky volcanic slopes and cliffs on the foggy north-west slopes \ to 1000m elevation \ somewhat frost hardy (to –13degC) \ tolerates full sun \ tolerant of salt-laden wind \ requires well-drained soil \ not suited to humid tropics \ prolific bearer of a black, tasty (like dates) fruit for human food (eaten fresh or made into jams and puddings) and for forage \ young leaf buds are eaten as a vegetable \ leaves for thatch, hats, mats, raincoats, and cordage \ trunks for construction timber \ propagation from fresh seed (pre-soaked for a few days) which usually germinates in 2-8 months in warm conditions.
    (Notes from forthcoming book: Permaculture Plants - Palms and Ferns)

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