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    Me and my (half) brother grew up together in Holland, but some time ago he, who is half Ghanaian, moved back to Ghana, and started living there with family in Kumasi. As you know there are thousands of (dutch) development-aid projects all over Ghana, most of them are ineffective, and offer not much more than a responsible holliday, and great experience in Ghana to young Europeans.

    A few years ago my brother started a project with not to high aims, or claiming to help change. But just offering a very great experience to young people who voluntarily make themselves useful in practical projects. Any real development work should naturally aim to make itself unnecessary. And should help local communities to start helping themselves (being self-sufficient for example).

    Apart from other projects he build an orphanage in Kokobeng, near Kumasi. This orphanage is going to be sustainable and self-sufficient (as much as possible). So it has solar cells, and will be designed to be energy efficient etc. it has a big piece of land around where they plan to organically grow food (so supplying food and also learning kids how to support yourself). All of this is basically permaculture, and hearing about permaculture from me he became interested. The problem is that i dont have time the coming years to go there, and i dont have any knowledge about the tropical climate and its ecology.

    So we are looking for people who have knowledge about permaculture in the tropics, and most specially in Ghana, and: who would like to help out in any way that could be possible. Even just knowing people in Ghana who know about permaculture or other projects in the region, and could occasionally advise would help a lot. but hopefully you would like to be involved or helping out. What is needed actually is somebody with knowledge op permaculture and tropical climates who would like to help build a food providing safe area for the kids of this orphanage.

    You can find more information on volunteering in ghana, or the different projects on my brothers website:
    or about the orphanage:
    a blog on the progress in kokobeng:

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