GOLD: and the current economic situation, a start anyway.

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    Sounds good TFF, the only thing I sort of cringe at is the mining required to dig up the 'fertilisers'..

    -Phosphate rock
    -Gypsum,lime, dolomite
    -Potassium salts
    -trace elements (Zinc, copper, Boron, Manganese)
    -Elemental sulphur

    We have sort of had this discussion about soil 'fixing' before (somewhere on the forum), some folks think it is OK to do so with mined stuff, others aren't so convinced of the permaculture credentials of doing so. I tend to think it is dubious, probably unsustainable, effectively finite, and may lead to an unfair distribution of another for of wealth. I am not hard and fast about that, but I do think it is something we need to be careful and mindful about.
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    'That's why i also STRONGLY suggest buying gold or silver by over the counter sales (OTC) in Sydney as with -or the Perth Mint or a dozen other venues nationwide. You can just waltz in (once you've set up an acct.) and leave gold or silver in your HOT LITTLE HAND; as either (coins or bullion) that you can then store somewhere safe.'

    Hi, I would like to ask how you sell again the gold coins you buy. Here in India I inquired about buying gold coins and its very easy but noone will buy them back - jewellers or banks. They will only buy back jewelry. Normally people buy the coins to make gold jewellry at some time. Is it different in Australia that you can easily resell them?
    We bought a small amount of gold jewelry as a kind of fun investment - my mother in law gets to be happy wearing it for some time as Indian women love to wear gold and we may make a bit of money. But i dont think gold is advised to be something to throw all your money into investment wise....
    Its kind of sad here that people get into serious debts for their daughters marriage because of the society need to have the daughter appear at the wedding with arms and neck weighted down with gold ornaments....

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