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    Many feel embarrassed and shy rolling up to a new garden club or society and this often stops them going
    This is a great pity as i have always found them welcoming and generous with time, information ,advice, seeds, cuttings, conversation, tea, and cake.
    Don't make hasty judgments, go to the group a few times before you decide to stay or not.
    Older group-members looove getting younger members and fate them.
    Don't be frightened, rock up,-- It could change you life.
    In the USA
    (Other countries here too. Contact RHS in UK)
    In Australia
    https://www.gardenclubs.org.au/minigen/d ... ntentID=36
    Click "find a club" for a club in your state.
    Permaculture groups should be affiliated with The Garden Clubs of Australia

    Our Gardens is the quarterly journal of The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc.

    It is packed full of ideas and practical advice from experienced gardeners

    Next deadline: 13 November 2009 for the Autumn issue published February 2010.

    How to subscribe

    The Journal can be delivered to your door by direct subscription for $18 for 4 issues (or $48 for 12 issues) if you contact our Subscriptions officer by email or phone (02 4782 4344). or

    Members of affiliated garden clubs have the option of ordering through their club secretary to have 4 issues (delivered to the club) at a cost of $12.00.
    https://www.gardenclubs.org.au/minigen/d ... ntentID=53

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