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    For those in that above position I thought I'd share some info.

    I find it interesting to read the local agriculture news and news in general to do with agriculture around the globe.
    In NZ we have a nettle eating fly to control the nettles. Nettles are a pain and get stuck in sheep wool. Although eastern countries would disagree and I reckon per acre the yield from products such as nettle tea or oils from seed would be more profitable than wool and meat.

    Another item in the news is a $7Bil project for the Waikato region...

    How could one design and integrate biodigestors, greywater systems, artificial wetlands etc. to reduce the bill or prevent the problem.

    Granted nothing can be done by thinking, but based on the writing and work of Rupert Sheldrake it claims that there is more to thinking that we might think...
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