Full HD RAP with Daniel Salatin 26-28.2.2013, North Central VIC - $500pp. for 3 days

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    For the first time ever Daniel Salatin will be leading a workshop here in Australia & this time we are spreading this out over 3 operational farms in three different areas with family farmers who've done previous HD workshops (thru RegenAG {Australia}) and are now running successful farm businesses based on different Polyface-based production systems.

    Get down and dirty and spend three full days on real farms doing real farming: 4 young families who are taking risks and making this all happen...Our host farmers are all quiet achievers who are not going too hard too fast, rather they are achieving their goals of profitable and regenerative production whilst improving the quality of their lives, their landscapes and their communities.

    26.2.2013 – RAP with Daniel Salatin #1 - Leitchville VIC - $175pp. (400 acres) with Michael Hore & Eliot Fehring - (Layers & Dairy Cattle) on the northern Victorian floodplain with 300-400mm rainfall (winter).

    27.2 2013 – RAP with Daniel Salatin #2 - Graytown VIC - $175pp. (Yapunyah Meadow Grazed) with Amanda & Ian McClaren - (Broilers, Pigs & Beef Cattle) ironstone hills with 550mm rainfall (winter/spring).

    28.2.2013 – RAP with Daniel Salatin #3, Tooborac VIC - $175pp. (McIvor Farm Foods) with Belinda & Jason Hagan - (Pigs & Sheep) granite hills with 650mm rainfall (winter/spring).

    For more details & bookings click here or for info on the Joel & Daniel Salatin 2013 Tour of AU/NZ go to www.JoelSalatin.com.au

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