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    The time is NOW for creating true guilds in Florida! ONE message thread on Facebook blossomed into a conversation which could not be contained in that limited environment, so we are seeking new homes for this conversation--one is on Google+ (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/113364449277937983268), and we thought we would try here as well.

    There is also some overlap between the people who are planning the next Florida Permaculture Convergence and those who have stepped up to help with Guild formation, so this thread is also an update medium for the convergence.

    The Florida Convergence Facebook Page is one place to check for ongoing updates: https://www.facebook.com/FloridaPermacultureConvergence

    The Second Annual Florida Permaculture Convergence will be May 2 - 4, 2014 at the Heart Institute (https://heart-institute.org/) in Lake Wales, Florida
    The Annual Florida Permaculture Convergence is an event to connect permaculture designers, teachers, organizers and enthusiasts throughout the Florida bioregions. The event will be held May 2-4,2014 at the HEART institute, Lake Wales, FL. We welcome individuals and families committed to making a resilient Florida!

    During this event we plan to integrate our communities by starting slow and small, learning from each other while building our networks, working together to solve problems and creating closed loop systems. This will not be an introduction to permaculture; however, it will be a space to create lasting relationships that are focused on caring for the earth, caring for people and sharing the abundance.

    There will be activities for all ages, a plant swap to spread biodiversity, hands on workshops to share skills, camping to create strong connections and most importantly a space for people to share about the projects they are working on in their bioregions with discussions on how we can begin to move forward as a whole. Come join us!

    AND https://www.facebook.com/groups/permacultureflorida/ is another "Florida Central" page.
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    This is great! Welcome Florida Permaculture Guild!
    We're happy to "see" you and hope to hear lots more about your guilding/community and Permaculture activities.
    In looking at your links I see you're doing some excellent work.

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