Fermentation for rebildingsoil health and human health, Nimbin April 5th

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    Levity Gardens and ~Foods That Heal~ presents:
    Rebuilding Soil & Human Health with Fermentation: a workshop on soil
    microbe fermentation and fermented foods
    Part I Fermentation and Microbes for Soil: Learn about the role of
    weed fermentation and how we can speed up soil health, vigour and
    productivity. Discover the gestures of weeds, the minerals they are
    farming, their role in soil regeneration and how we can make their
    properties more bio-available.

    Learn how to read the plant's mineral influences in the soil through
    observational techniques. We will expand upon how to implement that
    knowledge into your gardening practices, plant selection land
    preparation, composting and fermentation.
    As a group we will make a weed fermentation together and you will take
    some weed fertilizer home with you, along with your new knowledge on
    how to use your weeds as indicators and how to enhance their mineral
    content in your garden- Johnny One-Tree

    We will then have a break with a nourishing, organic lunch that will
    feature an array of fermented foods & beverages

    Part II Fermenting Food for Human Health: Fermented foods have been
    valued for centuries because of their medicinal properties, vital
    forces and their ability to aid digestion and balance the intestinal
    flora. However, in modern times the skills of fermenting have been
    lost. It is necessary that they are revived so that we can improve our
    health as we work towards a sustainable future!
    In this workshop we aim to give you an understanding of the conditions
    that allow invisible and mysterious microbes to naturally transform
    ordinary foods into nutritionally dense medicinal foods, so that you
    can produce live cultured foods yourself.
    We will start with a theory session on the principles of fermentation
    and its importance for sustainability. It will be followed by a
    hands-on demonstration of preparing live-cultured foods such as
    sauerkraut and kim-chi, water kefir and getting started with
    Micro-organisms are the foundation of life and health. As conscious
    beings, we are fortunate enough to have a choice about having an open,
    symbiotic relationship with beneficial bacteria. We can start by
    eating fermented foods on a regular basis!

    *Nimbin Workshop*
    Date: Saturday the 5th of April
    Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm
    Investment: $80
    Location: Jarlanbah Community Hall, 78 Cecil Street, past the
    permaculture college 300m, follow signs to hall
    *includes all materials, recipe pamphlet, a wholesome lunch and
    starter cultures. Please bring 3-4 jars so that you can take-away a
    share of the foods prepared throughout the day* Places limited,
    Bookings Essential

    For bookings and more information please contact Carla: 0423106654

    email [email protected]

    Please note that workshops have so far been organised for days on the
    weekend. If this does not suit you, please contact me as if I am aware
    of a demand for other days then it can be arranged. Private workshops
    in your own home and traditional food skills consultations are also
    please ask!

    ~shifting the production of necessary, health giving foods from
    commercial entities into the hands of the community~

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