Feral Scan Website - Australian attempt to push back pest tide against communities.

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    The Indian Myna section is really good and I am hoping they will add European Wasps to the list soon.:y:


    Basically this website collects data from the community after educating them about pest species and asks the community to show on maps what they find and report on actions taken. This data is not necessarily up there then for everyone to see but is fed down to a local community based action group to crunch the data and work with local agencies and other community groups to help strategically educate to control and push back pest species instead of them just moving through causing problems for everyone and multiplying.

    I believe it is only for Australia but no reason why similar sites could be set up world wide.

    Might be a good tool for permaculturalists to encourage their neighbours and community groups to start building community immunity to pest animal and insect species that otherwise inhibit or impede the function of ecosystems and permaculture systems.

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