excellent film from 1950s Queensland on soil conservation farming

Discussion in 'The big picture' started by Steve Burgess, Aug 20, 2014.

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    I t seems to me as our society is in a continuous process of forgetting what we used to know, and continuously re-inventing and rediscovering things that someone from an earlier generation could have told us if we were prepared to listen and not forget.

    Here is a great old extension film from the 1950s about water and soil management on farms, from a forgotten age when Qld had paid farm and extension advisors who visited and worked with individual farmers to improve land management practices, and actively encouraged neighbours to work together to solve community wide land-management problems. 60 years ago, we seemed to have more general awareness of land degradation issues than what we have today, and a more pro-active approach to doing something about them.

    I hope that this film is of interest to permies. Enjoy the time-warp.


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