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    Just thought I'd introduce you to my blog: EveryDayInTheGarden

    Its a project I started to demonstrate how easy and fun gardening can be. I have been involved in Permaculture for a long time (almost half of my life) and along the way I realised that the best way to get people involved permaculture is to show them that it can be fun. I want more people out there re-connecting with nature. I draw people in with colour and interesting things. It's amazing, when you hone in on peoples interests and present yourself in a professional manner, just how far it can take you.

    Feel free to subscribe either via the subscribe button (found below the comments section of each post) or via google reader for instant notification of all new posts.

    And naturally I'd be happy if you shared it with your friends, families and fellow gardeners!;)

    I hope you enjoy it.

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