Espaliering dwarf fruit trees

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    I have about 15 dwarf fruit trees - apples, plums, etc - planted in my back yard in three rows, sorted according to ripening, with posts and wires set up to espalier them. Some of them are now big enough that I need to work out what to tie on, what to prune, etc. I bought them from Diggers, and have been following their guide in their catalogue/mag a couple of yrs ago (repeated in their book). It has two wires, so you end up with two levels of branches.

    My backyard is not the sunniest place, although it does get some sun.

    I'm wondering why the article says to use two wires and not three? There would be more branches for fruiting if there were three levels rather then two. But does a tree only put out a certain amount of fruit anyway? Would I get just as much fruit from two levels as from three? Or do I need only two levels to give more chance for sun and light to get in?

    Has anyone followed this guide from Diggers for doing the rows of espaliered dwarf trees? If so, how has it gone?

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    Re: Espaliering dwarf fruit trees

    G'day fiona

    Depending on the height of your posts, and if you can adequately fit in another two levels of wire/cable, you may like to use the KNNNN (knee, naval, nipple and nose) system:


    This system has been designed to use dwarf species, and the KNNNN reference tells you exactly (or therabouts) where to place your wires/cables.

    Good luck with it, let us know how you get on.

    Oh, and about minding the kids while you go to meetings:

    Take them along with you. Most permie groups I know of fully cater for kids (of all ages).

    Cheerio, Mark

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