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    tropical, humid, jungle, lake, ocean
    Seeking an individual, couple, team, or organization interested in running their own business or starting a new branch/location.

    I have 2 properties in Honduras. One is on the island of Utila and is 5 acres located in a jungle of gumbo limbo trees. A 3 bedroom 2 bath house with rooftop deck overlooking the ocean. Rock substrate with many fruit trees and orchids grown naturally and 1/4 acre planted trees on a cleared lot. The other property is on the shores of Lake Yojoa and is 20 acres with a farm run by locals currently producing bananas, corn, coffee and a few other crops. Only a shack as shelter but easily set up for camping or other small investment start up. Currently only accessed by water but road is in progress.

    Open to investing if the right proposal is submitted.

    We originally planned to make both properties into eco-tourist areas with small hotels. Due to child needs we are now located in Oregon, USA and will not be following through on this vision. I would, however, like to support someone else's vision.

    Open to all suggestions and arrangements. Great opportunity to test out a theory, run a for-profit, or non-profit of any kind. Rent the spaces for a very small fee and run your own business. Make a partnership of any kind. Run an operation and offer a percentage of profit. If it becomes something you want to own, work out a deal to purchase. Or pass it on to the next adventurer.

    Seeking passionate individuals with a goal. Must have travel experience, an open mind and references.

    Email: [email protected] with any questions

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