Editing (Yay!), but can't get to the last bits of an article...

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    hi, :)

    [Ok, i've answered my own question: i missed the icon to the top
    right which lets me edit "Use BB code editor"] you can ignore the rest
    of this...]

    [If a moderator sees this you can delete it. tks...]

    i've been redoing the website and since i've been moving pictures to a new location i have references from articles here that show up as errors now.

    i was going to send a message asking you to change them and noticed that the edit button is there for them so i can happily do it myself. this is great!

    the issue i'm seeing now is that the last parts of an article i can't change for some reason (in this thread):


    that last three bits of IMG tags i cannot get rid of... ?

    looks like it is only a problem at the end of an article.

    this article has similar problem:

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