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    The story about Russian ecovillages of new type - Ecovillages of Kin's domains continues!
    Ecovillage of Kin's domains is a settlement based on family owned land where each family owns one hectare of land to be kept in the family for generations.
    One hectare with woods, fruit trees, garden and a small pond can provide the family with all of life’s necessities.
    By using long ignored methods of cultivating the earth and harvesting in the context of preserving the earth for future generations, this hectare of land will produce enough for the family’s use with surplus.
    In Kin's domains great opportunities are opened up to significant improvements in health, reduction in crime, strengthening of family relations and harmonious self development.
    A Kin's domain is called a Space of Love for its spiritual nature, reconnection with Pristine Origins and profound impact has on its inhabitants.
    New film-narration of the Kin's domains of the Earth series announced - about Ecovillage Slavnoye.
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