Ecological Landscaper Immersion at Permaculture Skills Center (Sebastopol, CA)

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    Ecological Landscaper Immersion at Permaculture Skills Center
    Permaculture Design | Project Management & Installation | Business Training ​

    Three days per week for 6 months. Starts April 2016

    The Ecological Landscaper Immersion (affectionately know as ELI) was created to empower the next generation of aspiring professional land stewards with a foundation of ecological literacy, hard skills, and personal and professional development so that they may align their unique strengths and interests into vocations that increase the life-supporting capacity of landscapes and the communities that call them home.

    Learn from leading-edge permaculture professionals to gain the skills to earn a living regenerating the planet. This 6-month advanced skills training is designed for those interested in regenerating the ecological function of landscapes at all scales.

    Top 5 Reasons to take ELI:

    1. Build skills by doing – From reading the landscape, to design, to implementation, you’ll grow your skills by meaningfully embodying them through real projects.

    2. Learn why not just how – Increase your ecological problem solving skills and ability to choose appropriate techniques that yield truly integrated solutions, which complement the characteristics of their context.

    3. Find focus – We’ll support you to clarify your personal vision, mission, goals, and strengths, and then formulate strategies for directing them into a vocation that is valuable and purposeful.

    4. Develop your support network – Our cohort approach to education creates a community-learning environment that fosters meaningful relationships with peers, instructors and mentors.

    5. Learn from the leaders – our stellar team of core and guest instructors collectively represent decades of applied permaculture experience in a wide diversity of professions.

    Contact Ryan Johnston with questions: [email protected]


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