Earthship Vlunteer Opportunity, Teton Valley Idaho

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    Hi All,

    I wanted to let you all know that there is an opportunity to get involved in an earthship building project here in Teton Valley, Idaho on the new Higher Elevation Permaculture Education Center site.

    My wife and I are starting a Permaculture Education Center at the foot of the Tetons in Teton Valley, Idaho. Higher Elevation Permaculture (

    This year we are focused on building infrastructure, earthworks, and planting, including planting our earthship on the land!

    The build will be a process in which volunteers are invited to come camp on our land and help out. It will be quite different in that the whole thing is being DIY'd without the earthship experienced crew there to help out, and using a lot of salvaged materials. And we are natural builders so will be using a lot more earthen materials in the place of cement and cans for interior walls etc. It will definitely go quite a bit slower, which may mean even more of a chance for each person to wrap their brains around what happens and how it happens on a build like this.

    Also, we are providing a solar shower, composting toilets and an outdoor kitchen for volunteers to share and cook together. We will also be stocking the kitchen with the basics; bread, rice, lentils, eggs from our chickens, veggies from our gardens etc. You will be responsible for purchasing more fancy stuff.

    I am a permaculture teacher so we are also going to include some classroom time (intro to permaculture, and basics of earthships), including lots of movies on our projector, etc. And doing skill share nights where everyone is encouraged to share things they are passionate about.

    I am sure it will be a great time.

    If you are interested, please read my blog post about it. There is more information there as well as info about how to sign up (we are limiting the number of volunteers, because we don't want our systems to be overloaded).

    Feel free to write with any questions.

    Thanks all, and thanks for what you do.

    Love and respect,


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