Donate to our Permie School in DR - Receive PDC w/Food & Acc!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I wasn't quite sure under which section to put this, and I want it to reach as many eyes and ears as possible, so I've put it in a few as I would really love to drum up some help and support from the community.

    We are building a permaculture school in the Dominican Republic which will help to combine native Dominican techniques with tropical permaculture and agroecology methods to provide an education into self-sustainability and regenerative agriculture. The owner, a native Dominican woman named Carolina, has been working on the land to build a biodiverse food forest and supporting gardens for 16 years and now wants to open the space to help give back to her local community. Our aim is to host courses to international guests which will fund free education for local kids. We are currently trying to raise funds to build accommodations and classrooms in order to kick this project off.

    We invite you to support us with your donations and by sharing our link. If you are planning to complete your Permaculture Design Course, you can see a very affordable donation option through our Kickstarter which will provide you with a certified PDC plus food and accommodation on our course in the fall. Please also pass this link on to anyone you feel can help us!

    Thank you so much to the community for your support!

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