Djanbung Garden Permaculture and the relationship with the land

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    Permaculture and the relationship with the land
    13/05/2011 , 2:44 PM by Pam Macintosh

    Djanbung Gardens at Nimbin are running their series of Conversation Cafes again this year - and this week their guest has been Robina McCurdy.

    Robina is a New Zealander whose become a planetary citizen. She's co-founder of the Tui Land Trust Community and trustee of the Institute for Earthcare Education Aotearoa (the Maori word for New Zealand).

    For three decades, Robina has been engaged in community development, and for the past 18 years in permaculture design, organic growing, and environmental education. She joined Pam for the Local Larder this week. The Tui community has been in place for 27 years and is pretty much self sufficient and their education programs bring people to the community from right around the world. Robina says permaculture which is her passion - is the marriage of the needs of the land and the needs of the people where neither are compromised. Permaculture she says is a tool for deep sustainability. Click on the link to hear the full conversation.
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