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    I begin now a thread about recipes I am creating.

    The general principle I use is that I let Nature take it's course after I mix whatever I want to mix in my jars.

    Here is a great recipe (and the best one so far) I made this summer:


    What you need:
    -> lemons up to the top (each of them cut into 6-8 pieces);
    -> one banana cut in 3 smaller pieces (try to place the banana in the middle of the jar, between the pieces of lemon because so you will avoid it's oxidation which brings a not so pleasant color of it);
    -> around 10 grams of dried mint (next time you might add more, it's your choice);
    -> honey (any kind will suit the purpose but the acacia honey is better because it's more receptive to the flavors of the other ingredients);

    Step 1: you fill the jar with these ingredients (do not press them) and then pour honey until you fill the jar.
    Step 2: put it into the refrigerator for 3 weeks.
    Step 3: from time to time shake it a little (twice a week should be enough) or turn it upside down.

    After the 4 weeks are over take the juice and mix it with cold water (one part juice and 5 parts water - even more if you feel like it is too sweet).

    Eat the fruits as the jar gets empty or use them into a fruit salad of your choice. The banana pieces were delicious!

    The kids will love it and if you have enough space (in the refrigerator) you might produce one jar per week so that you will keep your children happy on and on.
    It beats anything that's offered by any company producing sodas, juices or syrups, believe me :party:
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