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  1. mullerjannie

    mullerjannie Junior Member

    Sep 16, 2015
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    Almost daily I have a peek in the forum for info. There are many more newcomers than there are posts.
    In the business world this is a true pandemic where you get new customers all the time but there are no retention.

    Permies sign up to several forums as the sheer number of forums out there can vouch for.

    If you have some spare time which I had, you trawl through the site and find these patterns. More than people coming to the site for answers they come here to get a nod in the right direction. You can tell that by most obvious question that people ask the answers are normally found in the books or in the web, so I think the "nod" is what we get from this site. Active participation in something or a culture. This is really nice because permaculture won't do much to fix the world it it's just about plants.

    There are A LOT of dreamers, people who really want to get in there, saying in x months or years they want to do y. This is great to dream but it does take some time and during this time life (or the rat race ) might get in the way.

    I'm off the opinion that the success story of permaculture will be that of uniting people, as people like to stick to brands, I remind myself that I shouldn't stick to a brand doesn't matter how wholesome it might sound. Organic, Biodynamic, Hydro\aqua-ponic, holistic etc.

    If all the people in those fields (which overlap) can get together then there are more than just permies.

    I think there should be crowd sourcing done for the earth. i.e. set up a crowdsource project X.
    All of our permies can donate. The project can then be executed by the likes of Geoff W. Videos are recorded during the setup of the site and benefit those who crowfunded.

    The net effect after this project that this can become a self funding operation, Geoff the Jetsetter can do only so much but with each site comes a course the trainer more baby Geoffs and Bill's. Once trust is built and these sites are baring fruit dividends can be offered and this will result in making dreams of acquiring property a reality.
    Personally I see no need to own property because even if I save a significant amount, in 3-5 years' time the world would be significantly different. But if I invested in a farm , right now, I would have trees that's just about to fruit.

    We could land bank (or better) biodiversity banks.

    I can tell you, Monsanto didn't start with 1 guy who bought a little land... the idea was started by 1 guy but he got a couple of people together. (So did Hitler).

    I honestly think the way forward is a Permaculture-multi national. Whether it's Orwell, Chomsky or Conway's game of life; in isolation, nothing good can come of it. A website and a forum unites people but the soul needs something tangible to make an impression.

    To be honest, if I had to buy shares. I generally don't, but if I had to. It would be in a permaculture multinational creating little nodes of autonomous businesses but reach that can have a real impact.

    It doesn't have to buy a 1000 hectares, it could be 2.4ha for 10k$ and develop it but it will be a step toward something BIG that can also influence, lobby and make changes and as long as there is a moral compass which I believe you get by sticking your hands in some cow poo every now and then, well then we should be able to change the world rather quickly.
  2. Grahame

    Grahame Senior Member

    Sep 28, 2008
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    MullerJannie, Is it possible that you are looking for a 'sub-culture'? and by sub-culture I am really talking about something along the lines of a secret society of Permaculturists like a Stone Masons or Sons of Anarchy Permaculture Club. Like a Gypsy State of people who basically create a different culture within the existing 'legal or recognised' one, whereby the members live by an alternate set of rules and principles?

    I only ask because I am. :)

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