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    Mediterranean, Specifically North Coast Thermal Belt
    I've been traveling in Europe for the past five months doing work exchange, mostly farm related work, and with many people striving for self-sufficiency. I am flying back to the States next week (March 6th), and starting in Rhode Island. My first order of business is to buy a car to get me across the country back home to Marin County, Califonia. I am planning to do work exchange as I make my way across and am mostly looking to help at places where people farm or garden using permaculture principles/methods. I'm doing this to get as much experience and to learn as much as I can, because once I get home I intend to start a permaculture project on my families roughly one acre property.

    I have been using both HelpX and Workaway to find places to stay at and help, which have been a great resource. I figure posting here could help my search be more narrow (assuming some of you are looking for help). If anyone who reads this and lives somewhere between Rhode Island and Northern Califonia, needs help and can offer some form of accommodation I would be very interested. I'm not going to delve into great detail about myself here, so if you want more info about me, have questions, make sure I'm a real person, etc, please send me a private message.

    All the best!

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