Commercial vegetable production - by permaculture

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    Is anybody producing vegetables on a commercial scale?

    The organics people have that great book "New Organic Grower" by Eliot Coleman, and I know several places that use those techniques. But they have rectangular garden beds, lots of straight lines, all bare earth rather than mulching.

    I know about permaculture mandala gardens, but they seem domestic scale rather than commercial.

    If anyone is doing a more permaculture-style market garden capable of supporting many families, I would appreciate some tips. Our concept is to have a classic broadacre permaculture featuring heritage plants and rare breeds animals.

    'Cockatrice Farm'
    Goulburn NSW (cold and dry climate; just the way we like it)

    PS -- we are very interested in having permaculture intern/s from September. Great accommodation, an emerging permaculture property of 92 acres, and a centre for medieval crafts. Must have a PDC.
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