come & join in-( serious player )...... - let's take them on !!!!

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    :;): i'm the one wondering, if u feel that @ some-stage a serious person would come along to provoke discussion; to a point were WE actually ,done something; & not just say it..... would be so cool...

    I need people who have similar thoughts.....

    My goals are simple ...invite people who are ambitious & willing to try with all of their potential.Pretenders need not APPLY...!!!! To establish a seedling supply for the Timber Industry AUSTRALIA WIDE.... Bigger /Better/ best mentality- we are talking, about pioneering the Industry for the future ....because the fact is; predicted targets guarantee expansion..As we know; the Industry needs innovation & leadership...
    I wish to invole anyone who believes that a unique ( large scale nursery) incorporating Y.H.A class accomodation; & focus on energy, powered by various re-newable energy sources with the VAST demand for seedlings that will make this venture profitable & WORTHWHILE.........

    GET in TOUCH............

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