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    Hi Folks,

    I studying an MSc Integrative and Collaborative Eco- Social design at Gaia Uni, and had a desire to form a collective with some other teachers/ designers.
    The vision I hold currently is a small group of experienced designers who can work together in teaching/ consulting/ research and designing. I feel like collaborative work is the most productive and potentially regenerative way to go, although perhaps needs some big unlearnings in there too!
    Im based primarily in the UK, although have been in SE Asia for the last year with vague plans to be out this way for a while. I am hoping to work with people in the South of England at this stage, but Id invite you not to feel like you have to think in my little boxes! Let me know if this interests you!

    You can find out more about what Im doing by checking out these websites;

    For the earth!


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